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S.N. Trade Name Composition Indication/Contraindication Dosage Remarks Photo
1 SYNAVET(anti-infective powder) Each 100 gm contains: digestive enzyme 6g oregano oil 30MIU Vitamin A 500000 IU Vitamin D3 50000 IU Vitamin E 2000 IU Vitamin K3 200 mg Vitamin C 15 mg Exipients qsf 100g For the treatment and prevntion of generalrt infections caused by Gram +ve and Gram -ve bacteria : mycoplasma spp. Salmonella spp. E. Coli in digestive and respiratory tract of calves, pigs, and poultry - diarrhoa , entritis ,white scours, dysentery -stress situation in starting period -improvement on results, maintenance good performance Oral administration via drinking water or feed for 3-5 days. Curative dose poultry: 1g/10kg B.W. or 1g/1 litre DW for 3-5 days calves, pig: 1g/10-15kg B.W. per 12 hour or 1g/1.5-2 litre D.W. Preventive dose using half of curative dose for 5-7 days Withdrawl period: meat:14 days.
2 Five-cam-cum Each 100 gm contains paracetamol 28g vitamin C 1g glucose and excipient q.s.p 100g Specific for fever, flu, cough, poiaoning, sunstroke, runny nose, analgsic, fast antipyretic should use in combination with other antibiotics to trear infectious disease with fever such as diarrhoea caused by E. Coli, pasteurellosis, S. Paratyphoid , severe respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. Administration via drinking water or feed . Poultry: 100g in 60-80L water or 50-60 kg feed for 300-500 kg bw/day Cattle, pig,goat,rabbit,dog,cat: 100g in 60-70L water or 50-60kg feed for 450-600kg BW/day Withdrawl period :5-7 day
3 MULTIPEN-H (concentrated solution of vitamins and minerals herb ) Each 10 ml contains Vitamin A – 120000 IU Vit D3 – 60000 IU Vit E – 15mg Vit H – 1.5 mg Vit C – 10 mg zinc – 180 mg cobalt – 1 mg selenium – 1 mg - for wt. Gain and faster growth of poultry abd cattle - it is beneficial in crazy chick’s disease - helpful for hatchability, fertility and egg production in poultry - maintains overall heath, help in healthy pregnancy improve fertility and milk production of cattle - should be given for immunity building and fighting for disease in poultry and cattle - it should be given during any kind of stress in livestock Cattle = 20 ml daily calves = 5 ml daily sheep and goats = 5 ml daily chicks = 5ml/100 birds daily growers = 7ml/100 birds daily layers = 10ml/100 birds daily as directed by veterinary doctor
4 Amprocox ws Contains per gram powder: amprolium hydrochloride 200mg sulfaquinoxaline 150 mg vitamin A, retinol-acetate 15000 IU vitamin K3 5mg Coccidiosis in calves, sheep, goats and poultry. Note: for pre-ruminant calves, lambs and kids only. Do not administer hens producing eggs for human consumption. For oral administration: calves, sheep and goats: preventive: 1gram per 50-100 kg B.W. through drinking water or milk for 21 days curative: 5 gram per 25-50 kg BW through DW or milk for 5 days poultry : 20 gm per 20-40 litre DW for 5-7 days Withdrawl period :for meat calves, sheep and goat: 14 days poultry:14 days
5 FURALT Each sachet contains furaltadone hydrochloride equivalent furaltadone 6g excipients q.s. Furalt is recomended for the treatment of the coliform infection including coli septicaemia either alone or following respiratory infections such as infectious bronchitis, infectious laryngotracheitis or CRD Birds under two weeks of age 0.5gm. Of furalt per lit. Of drinking water for 10 days birds above two weeks of age 1gm. Of furalt per lit. Of drinking water for 10 days as directed by veterinary doctor
6 Five-Fe.B12 Each 20 ml contains Ferri dextran 2g Vitamin B12 2mg special solvent ad 20ml Treatment and prevention of Anemia, iron and vitamin B12 deficiency I/M-route piglet= 1-1.5 ml/head 3-5 day calf, goatling, sheepling = 2-2.5 ml/head at the first week after birth. Puppy= 0.2-0.7 ml/head at 1st or 2nd week after birth Withdrawl period =0 day
7 ELECTOL-C (with betain) Major ingredient dextrose, betain, vitamin-C, lactobacillus sporogenes, ellagatannins, citrus lemon, sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnessium sulphate, calcium lactate, water soluble carbohydrate, fortified with nutritional base Rehydrates the body against water losses, work as refreshment drink during summer, provide energy to the body, effective against heat stroke, provide antioxidant activity Poultry: 1g/2litre water cattle: 500g per ton of feed or as directed by veterinarians Not for human use
8 HANCOC Each 100 g contains: toltrazuril 2.5g excipient q.s.f 100g Effective against poultry: intestinal coccidiosis, mixed coccidial and bacterial infections(pullorum disase, fowl typhoid , E. Coli infections) calves,lambs,piglets: Enteritis caused by coccidial and bacterial infections rabbits: intestinal coccidiosis and bacterial infections contra-indication: do not overdose, do not combine with other anti bacterial, coccidiostatic or coccidiocidal drugs Oral administration via drinking water. General dose: 100g per 100 liters of drinking water or 1g per 10 kg body weight. Schedule: during 3 days and again for 2 days after an interval of 1 day with fresh water (3-1-2 method) . Medicated water should be used fresh within 24hours. Withdrawl period: Meat ruminants: 14 days rabbits, poultry: 8 days eggs :6 day
9 INTROVIT-C WS (100g pack) Contains per gram vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 1000mg Introvit-c ws is an essential vitamins for calves, cattle,goats,poultry,sheep and swine, and it is used for -prevention or treatment of vit-c deficiencies in farm animals -prevention and treatment of stress (caused by vaccination, disease, transport,high humidity,high temperature, extreme temperature changes) Introvit-c ws is an essential vitamins for calves, cattle,goats,poultry,sheep and swine, and it is used for -prevention or treatment of vit-c deficiencies in farm animals -prevention and treatment of stress (caused by vaccination, disease, transport,high humidity,high temperature, extreme temperature changes) --
10 DIMOXAN WS Contains per gram powder colistin sulphate---- 1200000 IU amoxycillin trihydrate----- 200mg Gastrointestinal, respiratory, urinary tract infections caused by amoxycillin and colistin sensitive micro-organisms like campylobacter, clostridium, corynebacterium, E. Coli, Erysipelothrix, Haemophilus,Pasteurella, salmonella,penicillinase negative staphylococcus and streptococcus spp.of calves, goats, poultry,sheep and swine. For oral administration: calves, goats and sheep: 5gm per 100 kg B.W twice daily for 3-5 days poultry and swine: 1kg per 1000-2000 litre D.W. for 3-5 day. Note: for pre-ruminant calves, lambs and kids only please note: before adding to the D.W. make a prsolution of 1kg dimoxan ws per 20 litre water with a temperature of 40 degree celcius Withdrawl period = for meeat 7 day
11 AMOXY-COL WSP Contain per gram amoxycillin trihydrate ----- 200 mg colistin sulphate ------ 1000000 IU Amoxy-col wsp is indicated for the treatment of gastrointstinal infactions, respiratory infections, urogenital infections, local inflammatios and secondary bacterial infections during viral disease in calves, pigs, lambs and poultry. The product is also indicated in case of infections caused by bacteria susceptible to colistin, especially colibacillosis and salmonellosis. Do not combine with anitibiotics like: tetracycline,macrolids,lincosamide. For oral administration: poultry: 100g per 150 litre of D.W for 3-5 day calves, lambs: 5-7.5 g per 50 kg B.W for 3-5 day pigs: 1-2 g per 10 kg B.W. for 3-5 day mixed with feed, the product should be use immediately, medicated D.W. should be used with in 24 hours. Contra-indication: do not administer to the animals hypersensitive to penicillin or polymycins, animal with severe ranal impairement, resistent micro-organisms, animal not listed in indication, penicillinase producing staphylococci, new born and little herbivores, layers producing eggs for human con
12 CRD STOP(oral soluble powder) Each 100g contains: galic extract: 5000mg mint extract: 8000mg vit A : 500000 IU vit D3 :50000 IU vit E : 80mg vit B1 : 150 mg vit B2 : 50 mg vit PP : 150 mg vit K3 :30 mg vit C : 100mg excipient q.s.f :100gm For the treatment and prvention of bacterial infections caused by micro organisms, which are susceptible to doxycycline and/ or tiamulin in poultry and animals such as -enzootic pneumonia, chronic respiratory disease, mycoplasma arthritis. -dysentry, diarrhoea, enteritis, collibacillosis, salmonellosis,fowl cholera, septicaemia in poultry -neonatal diarrhoea in calves: colibacillosis, pasteurallosis, paratyphus, especially complication of gastro intestinal and respiratory diseases of new born animals. Poultry treatment: 2g/1 litre of D.W. prevention: 0.5-1 g/ 1 litre D.W. animals: 1 g / 10 k.g B.W. Withdrawl period : for poultry: 6 day for animal:4 day
13 OXILIV-L Each tablet contains : oxyclozanide Bp vet 200 mg levamisole Hcl Bp vet 100 mg Against fluke and worm. Can be use milking, pregnant and weak animal. One tablet for 13.33 kg B.W. For oral use in domestic animals only. Withdrawl period: meat-14 day milk-24 hours.
14 MELOCAM PLUS Each uncoated bolus contains: meloxicam Bp 100 mg paracetamol Bp 1500 mg Analgesic bolus also use to reduce body temperature during fever Large animal: 2-4 bolus once daily small animal: 1-2 bolus once daily as directed by veterinary doctor
15 BUFFKIND powder New generation rumen buffer with live yeast culture Animal feed supplement Large animals: 60 g powder daily for 3-4 days calves and heifers : 25-30 g powder for 3-4 days sheep and goat: 15 g powder daily for 3-4 days or as directed by veterinarian For animal use only
16 IMUCARE (levamisolepowder 30% w/w) Each sachet contains : levamisole hydrochloride B.p(vet) 3 g excipients q.s. Against worm and to increase immunity Administration and dosage: - 8-10 g of imucare to be dissolved in drinking water to treat 100 adult birds or 150 growers or 300 chicks above 6 weeks of age -for chicks below 6 weeks of age use the same quantity to treat 600 chicks after withdrawing drinking water for few hours give only water medicated with imucare for effective dosing ..
17 FENBEN-150 Each tablet contains: Fenbendazole BP(vet) 150 mg For worm and worm . safe during pregnancy 5-10 mg/k.g BW As directed by veterinarians .
18 OXYNIDE BOLUS Each uncoated bolus contains: oxyclozanide Bp vet 1g For worm and worm Large animal: 10mg/kg B.W. small animal: 15mg/kg B.W. Withdrawl period meat :14 day milk 24 hours
19 MOLFEN PLUS Each bolus contains: meloxicam BP 100mg paracetamol IP 1500 mg Analgesic tablet As directed by veterinarians .
20 COTRIVET Each bolus contains: Trimethoprim BP 250 mg sulphamethoxazole BP 1250 mg Antibiotics As prescribed by veterinarians .
21 PRAJANA hs capsule OESTRUS INDUCER Each capsule contains: Mrigakshi/citrullus colocynthis sd. 495 mg Vadehi/ piper longum Fr. 55Mg Dharmpattan/ piper nigrum Fr. 55Mg Srigaver/ Zingiber officinale Rz 55 mg excipients q.s - anoestrus - silent or weak heat - non functional ovary - delayed maturity in heifers - for programmed calving Cow, buffaloes, mares : 3 capsules Heifers, sheep and goats: 2 capsule prajana HS capsules should be administered orally in gur in the form of a bolus for 2 consecutive days. In case of silent heat or absence of heat for 10 days, the course may be repeated on 11th and 12th day. As anoestrus is often associated with nutritional deficiency. It is advisable to administer OVIMIN bolus to the animal along with administration of prajana HS -
22 BATISA (everest) - Indigestion, loss of appetite Cow, buffalo and horse 20gm sheep and goat 5 gm calves and pig 10 gm -
23 DERMAX multi-action skin ointment Each 25g contains: cedarwood oil 12.50gm karanja seed oil 4.00g absorption base q.s. Skin affections like mange, ring worm, Eczema, Dermatomycosis and other fungal infections. Foot lesion in foot and mouth disease, various type of wounds including surgical wound. Clean the affected area and apply dermax or as directed by the veterinary doctor Replace the cap tightly after use
24 HIMAX Each 10g contains: somvalka / pongamia glabra sd. Oil – 3.5 gm surbhidaru / pinus longifolia wd. Oil – 2.0 gm Mange, ringworm, Eczema, degnalla, and other fungal infections. Foot rot in sheep and foot lesions in foot and mouth disease. All types of wounds including surgical wounds and burns. Actions: antiseptics, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, fly repellent, miticide and vulnerary Clean the affected part and apply himax once a day or as prescribed by veterinarians .
25 BORIC ACID I.P. boric acid solution Antiseptic for minor burns or cuts, used for dressing . very dilute solution is used for eye wash apply as a solution Do not apply in internal organ and delicate tissue
26 LEEBOLITE (nutritional supplement for pregnant cattle) Each kg. contains. Metabolizable Energy 3000 kcal Magnesium 20gm copper 1000mg Zinc 4000mg Selenium 10mg Niacin 40gm Vitamin E 4000mg Choline Chloride 2mg Saccharomyces cerevisiae 200 billion units To mobilize calcium and phosphorus To avoid chances of hypocalcaemia cows/buffalo= 50 gm twice daily during last 21 days of pregnancy or as directed by veterinarians store in cool and dry place
27 VIRSOL-K 150gms Each 50 gm approx contains: Vitamin K3 500mg w/w water soluble non-caking carrier Chicks and Grower: Virsol-k is nutritional supportive used along with therapeutics during coccidiosis Layers: To improve feed efficiency during peak performance, as a supportive along with anticoccidials during intestinal coccidiosis. Chicks and Growers: 50gm/day for 3000 birds for 5-7 days Layers : 50g/day for 1600 birds in morning water for 7-10 days during coccidiosis : 1g in 5 litre water for 7-10 days -